Frequently asked questions

How do I register to access my Forward Finance account online?

To register with Forward Finance online you must be an existing customer and have the following information to hand:

  1. An active or settled Folio Number
  2. Your Date of Birth
  3. Your current Postcode
  4. Your Mobile Telephone Number or Email Address

I am trying to register but it can't find my account.

It is possible that the information we hold on your Forward Finance account is out of date. To ensure we have the most up to date information please contact your branch or speak with your local representative.

How do I retrieve my lost username or password?

If you have forgotten your username, password or both - simply use the Account Retrieval Service and follow the instructions on your screen.

My account is locked, how do I regain access?

For security purposes if you have entered your password or MI incorrectly more than 3 times your account will be locked. To unlock your account use the Account Retrieval Service to reset your password and/or memorable information.